Given the stricter requirements governing the construction, safety of navigation and risk control of vessels in international conventions, vessel management demands more human and financial resources, and is more specialized. SAṂYOGA is the best partner for companies which would like to reduce management costs or lack the expertise in managing vessels:

  1. To shipowners which have only a few vessels to transport cargo or raw materials for affiliated companies: It is not cost-effective to recruit staff to handle the shipping matters, vessel safety management, marine insurance, and the employment and training of the crew. Let SAṂYOGA’s services eliminate the need to hire additional staff.
  2. To shipping companies which would like to distribute its resources efficiently: Outsource non-core businesses such as management work to SAṂYOGA so you can focus on the core businesses, such as marketing and financial operations, to reduce operational costs and expenses and generate more revenue.
  3. To customers which would like to improve the quality of management: SAṂYOGA can help you provide better services to your customers, making you more competitive, and allocate risks more effectively.
  4. To yacht owners which have no management know-how and just want to enjoy the yachts: Let SAṂYOGA manage the yacht and stock the various onboard provisions and stores.