Technical Services

SAṂYOGA provides services encompassing the establishment and review of planned maintenance systems, arrangement of classification society and inspection of vessels and solutions for and advice on technical issues and supervision of the construction of vessels.
    To assist in establishment and monitoring of the maintenance plans for the navigation equipment, communication system, on-deck machinery, fire-fighting and lifesaving equipment, loading and discharging equipment, oil discharge monitoring and control system, ballast pumping and control system, coating and painting, main and ancillary machinery and piping systems, including inspection intervals, recording and follow-up.
  1. To administer routine checks and arrange emergency repair services for the major equipment on board, such as periodical calibration of critical instruments and regular inspections of the monitoring system.
  2. To help establish or review a Planned Maintenance System, including giving advice and making long-term arrangements for major maintenance works.
  3. To cooperate with the classification society to apply for vessel classification, inspection and survey of the vessel and maintain the validity of or renew the various certificates required by the class.
  4. To provide advice, guidelines and reports on technical issues with the vessel.
  5. To provide technical assistance with insurance claims.
  6. To give suggestions for the lay-up and the disassembly of the vessel.
  7. To provide a one-stop service from the design of the vessel, review of the shipyard, contract negotiations, supervision of the construction, sea trial and delivery through to the warranty and maintenance for the new-built vessel.
  8. To supervise routine dry-docking, alterations, maintenance and repair of the vessel.