Marine Operations Management

SAṂYOGA provides application, consultation, procurement and cost-control services for supply of various provisions and stores, establishment and management of the communication system, risk management services for operation of vessel, and pilotage services

  1. To appoint port agents worldwide.
  2. To manage and maintain the inventory of the onboard ancillary items, fuel, lubricating oil, charts, nautical publications and foods, and update relevant data.
  3. To cooperate with the suppliers and the shipyards at the major ports in Taiwan and foreign countries to ensure quick supply of various provisions and stores.
  4. To establish the radio management system of the vessel.
  5. To prepare an emergency plan, including the establishment of communication channels, forming an Emergency Response Team, drafting contingency plans and arranging routine drills.
  6. To arrange and prepare the Garbage Management Plan, Ballast Water and Sediment Management Plans, Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plan and Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan.
  7. To arrange and advise on marine insurance, including Protection and Indemnity Insurance, and hull & machinery insurance that suits the needs of the Clients and their operations, and to help with the insurance claims.
  8. To provide pilotage services for non-compulsory pilotage areas in Taiwanese waters.